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I’m Not From Around Here…

In the otherworldly words of Patti Smith “In Movement Is Blessing.”

Fashion is movement. In movement is fashion. The name is Alaska!

Born and raised in Miamiland. The sea’s sharp winds spun a tornado of writing, fashion, and musical sounds that twisted within my soul and placed me upon a path with one goal, to create movement in the arts. I was thrown upon a beautiful yet bumpy yellow brick road, encountering mystical creatures along the way, learning lessons of courage, brains, and heart. These gifts shaped and helped me to create my own unique world which I like to call Alaska!

A mix is bliss, I like to say. Fashion, writing, music and art. Street culture, the universe, your heart. The future.

Queen.David Bowie.The Moon.

Founder and creator of Jacked Fashion.

Jacked Fashion is based upon the idea that we are all constantly jacking and storing inspirational images and concepts in our minds, that translate into our destiny defined and ultimately our highest reached levels in art and in spirit.

I believe in the freedom of innocence,  creative expression, and most importantly that we should all own a pair of killer red moon shoes.

Be your own muse.

Together we stand, tomorrow we transcend.

Words from a peasant gone mad.

~ Alaska Mangialetto

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