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TMNK #myTWOcents

Your work is great, I love it” told him Whoopi Goldberg when she purchased two of TMNK paintings in 2008. After that, she paid him a return visit to his street Gallery in New York, too… The art of TMNK is collected worldwide, with collectors in PORTUGAL, LUXEMBOURG, ITALY, GERMANY, UNITED KINGDOM, NORWAY, AUSTRALIA, ICELAND, JAPAN, CHINA, BRAZIL, BELGIUM, SWEDEN, ECUADOR, COLOMBIA, FRANCE. The Fleming Museum, in Vermont, recently added one of TMNK’s creations to their permanent collection.

This was always what I read when it came to this artist… in fact when I first met him in my gallery in the winter of 2012, I have to admit, it was a little up hauling. He came in sporting a black hoodie and caring a skateboard, all tattooed up and almost derelict. Now if you know anything about Wynwood, then you know that this is common place, I mean having a homeless guy enter your gallery and ask you for some money or a little job to help him out. So i wasn’t to surprised when he came in. What surprised me was that he turned out to be a really talented artist who had just relocated here from NYC.

This last time we met he invited me to his new studio on Biscayne. He wanted me to see his new collection of small pieces which he had just finished. I have to tell you. i was really excited to see them. For me seeing an artists’ new work is like Christmas morning. I get all giddy and happy and run to the gifts, or in this case, cardboard pieces, and want to rip open the packaging.

TMNK pulled out this plastic bag full of cardboard shards, and proceeded to delicately take each piece out, one by one. my eyes lit up, my mouth began to water and my palm began to sweat with all the anticipation that this moment required. I began shifting through them one by one, one more demonstrative then the next. The beauty of TMNK’s pieces is that he is able to get personal subject matter, pop imagery and eclectic mediums and combine them to produce beautiful pieces of art. To the untrained eye it might just feel like pieces of cardboard with poetic devices. But to the sincere art lover appreciating these small and unique pieces are a small treat. Considering TMNK’s pieces usually go for as high as $30,000, these small and inexpensive pieces are not only a bargain to buy but a great way to start ones own art collection.

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