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Wynwood Corners Volume I

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..So my gallery is in Wynwood, and what does this mean?  It means I’m surrounded by walls filled with beautiful artistic murals as much as trashy god awful graffiti.  I decided, why not try to appreciate both.  So i bought a Cannon DSLR, Something simple with 2 lenses, the standard 35 MM and 200 MM, decided to go nuts and take photos of each Wynwood block.  Where do i begin?..Easy, right outside my front door.    Here’s what I saw.

I started form the 2200 block (between 22nd and 23rd St.) and saw everything from large murals of human hands a la Davincci to Basquiat like graffiti on blue walls.    Although the paintings on the walls were  impressive, my favorite was the Ray Ban wafer like sculpture of sunglasses attached to the corner wall on 23rd street,   They reminded me of this Gatsby like effect i read about in
Doc Riley’s class in the 11th grade.  ” we are being watched all the time” according to Fitzgerald’s billboard over the gas station.  Big brother?.. not so much. especially since the white behind the empty frames left nothing to the imagination.

I also really enjoyed the contrast between the surreal Buzz light year hand of Mr. Herget next to the Peter Vahan hieroglyphic like 8 story mural.  The reds and whites fit very nicely against the yellow monolith.  Image

Its lovely to get to the gallery at 9 in the morning only to appreciate the silence of these ghettos streets before the noise of the motor vehicles begin littering NW 2nd Ave.  I can literally walk in the middle of the boulevard and take my photographs without having to look both ways before crossing the street.

Here’s a link to the photo I took:

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