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Carlos A. Campo: A RAW Artist

Photographer Carlos A. Campo from The Hangar was given the opportunity to be a featured RAW artist for their Miami showcase hosted by the venue LMNT. The organization and its members dedicate themselves in providing artists with as many tools, resources and exposure needed to inspire and cultivate the creativity of their budding careers. “This was my very first time being part of an event hosted by RAW, and it was a nice change of pace. I felt more exposed and more appreciated as an artist,” says Carlos.

Carlo’s sister, Aracelly Campo, was the first one to hear about RAW and immediately jumped at the potential opportunity to get her brother involved. Like many artists, Carlos was eager to get his work showcased and to develop a larger audience. The process of becoming a featured artist is daunting because the RAW directors hand-pick each set of the local artists. Needless to say, once Carlos submitted his work for consideration, little time passed before he heard back from the very impressed directors.

During the showcase, many were put under a trance by the intimate moments captured in Carlo’s work. There are not any special affects or complicated editing techniques incorporated in his pieces, instead the beauty that lies in the simplicity of those moments is what catches the eye of so many. The vast majority of people are so busy running around town trying to stay on schedule with all the work that needs to be done, or all the errands that need to be checked off the to-do list, that they fail to capture these moments themselves. Taking a step back and observing what Carlos has managed to achieve with his craft can make one think, wow, I just walked down that same street this afternoon and never realized how beautiful it was.  

With the help of fellow Hangar artist Ken Bessemer, Carlos was able to create unique frames to compliment his photography. The idea behind the frames was completely spontaneous and served as a happy marriage between two creative minds. “Ken has always been a great partner. The ideas are always floating in my head and he is the one who helps me make them into a reality.” Those who stopped by Carlo’s work were drawn in by the spectacular frame work, and then stayed for the moments captured by his camera. RAW has been a step forward in the advancement of Carlo’s artistic career, and he plans to use this impulse to continue on a powerful stride. “For my next project, I am looking to capture the wildlife that co exists with us, especially all the birds.”

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