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NYC Part II Exhibition – April Art Walk

GalleryFor several artists this month, their work was able to travel over 1,000 miles to be part of a special double-feature. Juan Asnares, Justin-Booth Clibborn, Claudio Castillo, Presa Hall, Gina Martnova, Kelan Putbrese, Lori Swartz, and Pnina Yuhjtman all showcased in the Fountain Art Fair during NYC Armory Week on March 7th-10th and then this month in Miami for Art Walk.


Marcos Irusta – “Earth” and “Star”

Some highlights of the show included Marcos Irusta’s “Earth” and “Star” which were partially created by setting the piece aflame and manipulating the paint to form unique textures and color styles. These pieces worked well with Pastor Castillo‘s, “Geometry of Space 1,2 & 3” where diagonal bold lines intersected into each other to form blocks of bright colors.


Andres Risquez – “Bastos 1, 2 & 3″

Andres Risquez premiered a new collage triptych, “Bastos 1, 2 & 3” which blended together more pop culture icons like Muhammad Ali and the Evil Queen from Snow White. The pieces acted like a game of I Spy since visitors would linger in front of them, trying to name each iconic figure and even asking the gallery assistants to help them guess.


Kelan Putbrese – “The Reason I Bought a Condo”

Kelan Putbrese decided to showcase his work, “The Reason I Bought a Condo” in a fun and interactive way. His photographs of sprayed water were hung extending out, as if they were coming from the physical sprinkler on the floor complete with accompanying grass, hose and faucet. Guests were excited about this installation but ultimately disappointed to discover that turning the faucet would not, in fact, water our gallery.

Justin Booth-Clibborn showcased a series of enticing and sensual photographs titled, “Here I Am”.  His new work was a follow up to his “Home” series in which one piece was selected into the London National Portrait Gallery.

Justin Booth

Justin Booth-Clibborn with his “Here I Am” series.

Claudio Castillo intriguing work, “Virgin Apparition” was a continuous animation that has one chance of repetition in 8 trillion years. He was able to do this through an animation software program and had many visitors wondering if there was a typo in the description.

A few NY artists had flown down to join us for this Art Walk opening. They exclaimed that it was refreshing to be in such nice weather (even though it had rained earlier). Despite the threat of possibly soaked chancletas, the gallery was packed with a great mix of artwork and visitors.

You can check out the full album of photos here.

Written by: Kristen Cruz

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