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Artist Spotlight: Pastor Castillo

One of our newest artists, Pastor Castillo, shared his compelling story of the battle he struggled through in order achieve the artistic freedom he has today.  Castillo was born in Pinar de Rio, Cuba and began experimenting with several artistic mediums by the age of 16. Interestingly enough, his focus was not necessarily found in his art work, but instead he had an ongoing passion for the world of Biology. While being educated in the field of Biology, along with other health sciences, he would always keep the interest for artwork brightly lit.First Supper

While in Cuba, Pastor was put in jail for expressing different ideologies about art and human freedom. He faced many sleepless nights while incarcerated and that was the moment when he really explored a realm of creativity he had not yet visited; subjects that go against the natural order of our world, and even some works that were influenced by his ongoing lust for freedom. After being released from prison, Pastor set his sights on moving to the United States in order to be free from the oppression he had been facing throughout his entire life. It took about 10 years to achieve that goal, but it was well worth the wait.

So what is he doing now? Pastor has decided to dedicate his time to creating art and to helping those in need. He travels to many different parts of the world such as, Egypt, Tanzania, Somalia, and countless other regions in Africa. While visiting, he donates artwork to several exhibits where 100% of all profits go to supporting children infected with AIDS and to keep art schools active and open to the youth that can attend. Keep your eyes peeled for his autobiographical book set to be released towards the end of 2013!

“There is nothing better than having the freedom to think, to be free, and to express yourself.”

Pastor Castillo

Written by Gabriel Gomez

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