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Miami Fashion Week 2013

From March 20th through the 23rd, Miami hosted its 15th annual fashion week! Just in case our reader’s were not able to attend the event personally, some staff from The Hangar paid the event a visit, and made sure to bring back all the details.

Pop up boutiques were spread all throughout the event space. High end brands like L’lmpasse were at arm’s length, and the displays we all executed beautifully.  What made the pop up boutiques all the more engaging was the opportunity to get an inside look on how the featured pieces were created. The designers of each boutique were ready to answer any questions in regards to their collections and share the stories of how each piece was created and what inspired them.

Pop Up Display

Through each night there were several designated showcases, and each featured a specific batch of designers. Altogether the shows included:

Daywear Style Showcase: LOLA Kids/Colombia, Denim Down Jeans/USA, Alta Tensione/Italy, I Love Fashion Collection by Fashion TV’s President and Founder, Michel Adam

Africa Designers Showcase: Wumi-O, Aso Damisi, Crown Natures, Tap Designs, Finicky Couture, Mike Sylla for Baïfall Dream

Eveningwear Showcase: Raafia Husain for Raafia SAH/Pakistan-UK, Sumayyah Al Suwaidi for SEEN/UAE, Carlos Vigil Couture/Peru, Heather Jones Designs/West Indies, Fadila Kihel for Mirage Bridal Couture/Algeria

Swimwear Showcase: Shaquoya Jackson/USA, Tantrik Swimwear Collection/Jamaica, Sambarela/Brazil featuring a finale by Heather Jones Bridal Couture/West Indies

Prêt-A-Porter Showcase
: Dolcevita Cashmere/Italy, Dusko Orascanin/Bosnia & Herzegovina, Heidy Estrada/Bolivia, Claudia Anicy Manuguian/Chile

Miami Fashion Week also gave out awards to several designers and modeling agencies for their dedication and talent displayed throughout the year. All the winners can be viewed by clicking here.


Written by Gabriel Gomez

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