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Jewels From Around the World: Karla Castillo

Close friend of Marynes Arguello and dedicated jewelry designer, Karla Castillo joined the trunk show hosted by The Hangar just a few weeks ago. She showcased her eclectic collection, On the Rocks, along with her more exclusive, upscale, Limited Edition collection. Karla’s inspiration stems from the different cultural experiences she absorbs while traveling around the world. While in Australia, she was exposed to different materials such as barramundi fish scales which add a unique and hard to find texture to her pieces of jewelry. From her trip to London, she was able to work in different workshops and pick up on crafting techniques that are not practiced here in the states, giving some of her pieces exquisite shapes and fluid forms. She infuses different stones such as pyrite into her jewelry, and even dares to work with volcanic rocks! Karla’s pieces have been featured in several fashion shows, and her expanding presence in the world of fashion is hard to miss.



Written  by Gabriel Gomez

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