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Aaron Arroyave : Keeping it Surreal

"Number 4"

“Number 4”

Remember those times in high school when you’d be so bored in Chemistry that you would doodle away in your notebook? Aaron Arroyave has a tendency to do that but through painting and on canvas. His highly imaginative, highly saturated pieces contain strange creatures and wild patterns. It’s almost as if he creates another reality to escape from ordinary life. “I want to make something that’s fun to look at,” says Aaron. “Being provocative is incidental.”



Although his work may seem stimulated by Adult Swim cartoons, he’s actually more inspired by Post-Impressionist painters like Van Gogh with his point of view and textural surfaces. The textures seen in Aaron’s work are actually a result of layering. “Under all my paintings are about 20 other paintings until I finally have something that keeps me entertained.” It ultimately creates an ongoing train of thought with his most recent work overtaking the former. The use of intense colors with dark imagery also creates a compelling juxtaposition, making viewers wonder if they are indeed having acid flashbacks.

Another element that influences his work, obviously, is music. His older paintings match the loud and abrasive sound of The Pixies while his more recent work is reminiscent of Ariel Pink’s album Haunted Graffiti. His sketchbook is filled with fun cartoons that quietly pay homage to the White Stripes, with red and white peppermint swirls. His current paintings have become less figural and more fantasy oriented. Aaron portrays a different reality that’s dreamlike in color. They’re a great mix of vivid color combinations with trippy repetitive textures.



Overall, Aaron wants to paint for himself. “Its purely to keep myself happy and show myself new things that I would never see.” His work can be seen on display at the Hangar Gallery.

Written by Kristen Cruz


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