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Intentional Improvisation : The Art of Andres Risquez


Artistic contradictions have worked beautifully for featured HANGAR Artist Andres Risquez. He was kind enough to sit with Assistant Editor, Kristen Cruz, to discuss his method of organized experimentation, his plans for international recognition and even his love for F1 Racing.

In a way, the bold and unrestricted artwork of Venezuelan graphic artist Andres Risquez matches his lively personality perfectly.The energized mix of gloss medium, ripped pieces of a telephone book, and black vinyl cut-outs of celebrities are just a few elements in his new triptych. His work is a combination of digitally planned stencils and the random layering technique of collage. It’s a type of intentional improvisation that he’s developed. Influenced by graffiti, electronic/hip hop music (as a DJ he has to have good taste), and even comic books; he has created intriguing work that reflect his idea of heroes and success.

Andres traveled between Caracas and the states, eventually coming back here to study graphic design. He joined an art alliance after graduating and began creating for local clientele including mural work for the Latin American restaurant Baro Urbano in Brickell. With his commercial and personal work, he says it’s all about layering: “Everything that I do first starts on the computer. Then I just cut it out in vinyl and stencil. I’ll do a little by hand, outsource it, put it on canvas and start to spray paint.” He’s fond of creating what he calls “one time pieces” that are unique for him. “I don’t like to repeat anything that I do. In many of the series I do with the collage or transfers, there’s no way that you can repeat that.”

IMG_2804His new series explores his perception of heroes and the iconography of celebrities. Ranging from Penelope Cruz and John Lennon to Siddhartha and  Charles de Gaulle, one triptych layers these graphic images emerging through bright yellow vinyl and torn telephone pages to signify the media’s interrelation with these iconic figures. In another piece relating to heroes, he pays tribute to Brazilian F1 star Ayrton Senna who was the last driver fatality in Formula One racing. He portrays Senna with a celebratory bottle of champagne amongst altered logos of race car sponsors all while using the flag colors of Brazil. A proclaimed super fan of F1 racing, Andres admired Senna and wanted to show him in “the highest point in life.”

Along with never repeating himself, Andres strives to continue showing his work to wider audiences and hopes to gain, “the exposure and the acceptance of international artists.” His new work is on display in the “Spring Collection” at the Hangar Gallery.

Written by Kristen Cruz

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