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It’s all in the Details: Anthem Wares


Written by Gabriel Gomez

 We found the new kid on the block that everyone is dying to talk to; the one with dozens of independent luxury brands that will make you blow the last paycheck. The kid that has a new scarf for everyday of the week, and those neat necklaces that no one else knows where to get. And did you see those headphones? I’m definitely sitting next to Anthem Wares during lunch. I can see that we’ll be best friends.

          With an accessories boutique like AW, you’ll definitely start to drool a bit while scrolling through their stunning selection. They have great pieces for both men and women that you really wouldn’t be able to find anywhere else. Offering over 25 different collaborative works with designers, AW has an abundance of styles. There is an island of top notch fashion just waiting to be discovered. Come on, you know you want to.

Our chat with Cristina Salazar, the buyer for Anthem Wares

Tell us a little bit about yourself.

I was born and raised in Miami and like every Miamian, I am first generation. My parents are both from Spain. I came to New York eleven years ago to attend FIT, where I received my BA in Fashion Merchandising.

I have always worked in fashion, since the age of 18. My background stems from retail management, brand development and trend forecasting.

 When did you start to work with AW?

I joined the team during development phase, prior to the launch, back in May 2012.

 Being part of such a fantastic team is something anyone should be proud of. How did this all come together?

Prior to AW I had a curated accessory shop downtown New York, where I carried exclusive designers. After I closed shop, I met the co-founders while I was freelancing.  I knew it was a perfect fit from the beginning. After my shop closed, I was itching to creatively continue to collaborate with young talent, support and grow with them and I felt this was the perfect opportunity with the AW team. Everybody comes from different backgrounds and strengths, which is why I believe the team is so dynamic. From the technical side to the creative and editorial, the website would not be where it is at without the full circle we have created.

Your inspiration and personal style?

I am very inspired by street style, especially here in New York. My eyes are always peeled. I think as a buyer having your pulse on street fashion gives you a good sense of where trends are heading for the next season.

 My personal style is a reflection of the products carried on the site. I am a bit of a tomboy and think a woman can look sexy in heels, a pencil skirt and a baseball cap, but I also love stacking cool jewelry and being feminine. I am always standing in my boyfriend’s closet plotting what to steal and the website has that attitude. It’s about being ultra feminine then diving into the men’s section for that perfect touch of masculinity. 

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