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Maps: Sexuality’s TAO by Ana Rossi

El Illusionista Ana Rossi

“The Illusionist” by Ana Rossi

By Jeffrey Bustos
Her breasts play hide, pillowing in the silken blouse. Her  spine seeks your eyes, arousing, curving buttocks. Eyes, hers are hidden within her hands.

“The Illusionist” is a mixed-media piece made by Ana Rossi, which depicts the fantasies men have towards women. What men believe a woman can or should be, versus the spiritual, emotional connection of a good lover. Maps explores women’s sexual inhibitions arising from within ourselves and society.

Ana Rossi

La Espera by Ana Rossi

“Maps: Sexuality’s Tao” is a mixed media creation in which the maps situate us to real instances in our lives, the choices and routes we take. Ana Rossi meditates her ideas and exhales them with pens, pencils, and oil paint. Lets not forget her OOOM-ing to music and enlightening herself with literature.

“I devour everything I see with my eyes.

I don’t just see it, I feel it.”

Argentinean Artist

Ana Rossi


Ana Rossi grew up in Argentina during the 80’s with a corrupt government that infringed on peoples freedoms. Throughout her country there was a chilling effect in fear of the repercussions of speaking out against the government. The inability to talk freely morphed into trying to express her frustrations in art; a new medium of communication. Having been nurtured and influenced by her mom and grandfather, both artists, she was ready to commence her artistic revolution at the age of 16.

La Dansa Ana Rossi

“The Dance” by Ana Rossi

In “The Dance” Ana Rossi depicts two characteristics of sensuality and expression . The black woman is a metaphor for the sexuality in nature. Her dance is sharing her passions and fantasies. The a middle-eastern woman on the bottom is embracing the nature of her sexuality as presents. It is a call for a movement, a dance of a sexual liberation in which pleasure is given and received.

Ana Rossi

“The Red Map” by Ana Rossi

“Maps: Sexuality’s Tao” directs us through the obstacles women face when breaking away from society’s sexuality taboos. Ana Rossi wants to liberate us from the Judeo-Chrisitan stereotype of sex as sinful, and instead shed light towards the spiritual relationship with the self and a lover.

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