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Swap Shop: Interactive Thrifting

By Gabriel Gomez and Alaska Mangialetto


Take part in an exchange of.
An act of exchanging one thing for another.
verb.  swop – exchange – change – barter – interchange – trade
noun.  swop – exchange – interchange – barter – truck

An exchange of ideas, creative energy, and most importantly fabulous clothing took place at The Hangar Gallery on October 27th. Fashion friendly ladies and gents gathered together at the gallery with bags of ‘destined for greatness’ retired garments.

We all know you aren’t going find those really special pieces in an everyday retail store. Sure, you’ll find something that’s “Sooooooo cute!” but finding a piece that speaks to you is not going to be in a pile of cloned items. At our very first swap shop event there were definitely more than a pile of clones on a couple of racks. These pieces spoke to you, some said “I love you, and I know you love me”. While others let out whispers through their carefully woven cotton strands, and if you listened carefully you could hear it, “TAKE ME HOME”.

The stations included a styling station featuring Alaska with Jacked Fashion, a clothing reconstruction booth full of studs and scissors, a table full of sweet treats and plenty of wine. The clothing took on a life of its own as the collection grew throughout the day. Movement was the essence of the event with constant interaction between budding fashionistas.

One of the feature amusements at this inaugural fashion frenzy was the hair pastel station. Seemingly everyone became a pleased victim of colored 90’s inspired hair. It became a ‘Clarissa Explains It All Party” which can only put you into the giddiest of moods.

Just in case none of the previously mentioned stations caught your attention, we also featured jewelry designer Vivian Azalia. With dozens of antique jewelry pieces to choose from, you had the fabulous opportunity to customize a one of a kind accessory. A ring, a bracelet, or even a pair of earrings, the beautiful world of creative jewelry making was at the tip of your fingers.

This collective thrift store event attracted local budding fashion students such as Jo Rosenthal, fashion designers such as Lauren Ann Wolfe for L.A.W., and magical miami models like Sunamys Villalba.

Passionate fashion escapades to our local thrift shops have became one with our fate, so let’s congregate monthly and bring it all together. To meet others just like ourselves who adore and embrace innovative fashion. To collaborate ideas and build connections. To discover new ways to bud life into our arts and fashion community and most importantly our closets!

About the authors:

Gabriel Gomez

Alaska Mangialetto

2 comments on “Swap Shop: Interactive Thrifting

  1. Uzoma
    November 4, 2012

    Wow! Beautiful works and collections. In the first pic, are those things beads? They’re colorful and resemble ornaments here in Africa.

  2. hangargallery
    November 4, 2012

    Yes! Some of the pieces in that first picture are made of beads. They reminded us of African jewelry as well, beautiful.

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