The HANGAR | Gallery & Arts Initiative

Welcome to the official blog and media hub for The HANGAR | Gallery & Arts Initiative. Located in the Wynwood Arts District, The Hangar is dedicated to the collective movement of creative exhibition and seeks to open the lines of communication between artist, patron and community.

The HANGAR wants YOU!

 The HANGAR | Gallery & Arts Initiative is open Mon-Sat from 12-5pm. Ask us anything! | (305) 571-0970

In preparation for Art Basel Mania, The HANGAR is offering artists a space to show their art work.

One comment on “The HANGAR wants YOU!

  1. Betsy
    May 15, 2017

    Oh good Lord…a “chicken nugget” button? Heaven help us. Just learned to poach an egg in culinary school. It’s the simple things like that which have eluded me. But yes, I agree with other co8&2ntersm#me30;use vinegar, swirl, use super-fresh eggs from the farmer’s market.

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