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Beauties and the Jeffrey

By Jeffrey Bustos

Now I’m hardcore, who cares about looking good? I’m wearing all black… and I’m not smiling. That was what the exterior read. But, the truth was, there was no point in having pretty hair. I was fat.
-Jannelys Santorini

Amanda Ortega, William Cadena, Nelly Torres, Jason Caceres

My heart melted in tears as I sat in the theatre, listening to Jannelys’ monologue. Jannelys is one of the nine beauties in The Beauty Project Miami, a devised theatre piece directed by Tatiana Pandiani. I welcome you to The Beauty Project Miami and ask you to please wipe your make-up, throw on some sweatpants, and off with your shoes.

We began rehearsal by lying on the floor and breathing into our diaphragm. It is vital that we breathed slowly and deeply which made our bodies heavy thus releasing tension. The concept is similar to that of  Shavashana in Yoga and Ballet-a-terre. Tatiana Pandiani explained that by lying horizontally, the floor becomes your support system. She encouraged us to focus our breathing to individual body parts and begin an introspection. The emphasis in placed in connecting the anatomy of the performer with his/her intellectual and spiritual life.

devised theatre

Jannelys Santorini, Christian Lopez, Nelly Torres

Then we stretch! Not your regular “touch your toes and bend side to side”. She had us bending our body in contorting pleasures. This proved difficult to me, being programmed to move and stretch in very mechanic movements. However, the beauties unbanned the stress away from their bodies by stretching and coiling slowly in an organic manner.


Jason Caceres and Amanda Ortega

Tatiana continued rehearsal by dividing the beauties into groups of two and had them share a story. A simple story told in the form of conversation. I walked around listening to different exerts of stories. When passing William Cadena, I heard him entertaining Nelly Torres with his childhood.

“He didn’t listen to me and so I just collapsed, threw up and the next thing I remember I was playing board games with my cousins”

The point of these stories is to show how our daily lives can be as funny, sad, frustrating, and exciting as those grandeur lives we see in Hollywood movies. The stories will inspire and be implemented by the beauties, allowing for a natural and sincere authoring of The Beauty Project Miami.


First Row: Amanda Ortega, Nelly Torres, Christian Lopez
Second Row: William Cadena, Jason Caceres
Third Row: Jannelys Santorini, Peter Mir

The Beauties like to move-it move-it. Tatiana Pandiani implements the Frantic Assembly group technique which focuses in creating choreography for non-dancers by creating organic movements that are not regularly considered dance.

My favorite part of rehearsal was how everyone was smiling. While I was snooping around photographing the beauties I couldn’t help but notice how they were all smiling. They had developed a bond, a sort of energy that connected them, and they allowed me in for that day which was truly inspiring. I recommend everyone to come see The Beauty Project Miami.


Nelly Torres (Left) and Jason Caceres (left) laughing


The Beauty Project Miami Mini-Debut will open November 11 at HANGAR gallery during Artwalk.

Following its opening weekend November 16 &17 at the FIU Studio Theatre in Deuxieme Maison 150.

Directed by Tatiana Pandiani
Devised by
William Cadena
Jannelys Santorini
Jason Caceres
Paul Stein
Peter Mir
Amanda Ortega
Amber Benson
Chirstian Lopez
Nelly Torres

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