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Cold nights, hot cocoa and…Sweaters!

By Gabriel Gomez

It’s here!  After months of heat, rain, humidity, and basically living in an oven, winter has arrived. I guess for some of us this means potentially hibernating and putting on a couple pounds due to all the festivities this time of the year brings. Aside from the potential weight gain, this time of the year also brings layering! There are always so many options when it comes to layering and everyone has their own ways of doing it. Sweaters on top of shirts, cardigans on top of sweaters followed by a jacket, the options are endless. Not to mention all the really cute beanies that come back in stock, and the boots! Oh, the sweet, sweet smell of a new pair of boots.

From the designers, we’ve been seeing a medley of different trends they’ve incorporated onto their pieces. Many of the bigger names like Chanel and Dolce and Gabana have been dressing their female models in a more masculine way by incorporating suits, boots, and hats. There has also been a lot of color showing up on the runway from many different designers. Usually, winter tends to bring more neutral colors into play, but this season there has been designs that incorporate bright reds, shades of orange and jewel tunes such as purple and green. Another huge trend, and possibly my favorite has been the use of print. It’s translated very well onto many retail stores and you can find printed pieces anywhere you go. And just a quick tip for the ladies, you don’t have to give up your treasured summer dresses. Laying them with jackets, sweaters, and leggings can make them ready for winter.

How do you guys feel about all these trends? And if you want to submit your favorite winter outfits then shoot us an email, you could be featured on the next article!

Here are some of my favorite stores to hit when looking for winter pieces:


Jack Spade



American Apparel

These are great:

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