The HANGAR | Gallery & Arts Initiative

Welcome to the official blog and media hub for The HANGAR | Gallery & Arts Initiative. Located in the Wynwood Arts District, The Hangar is dedicated to the collective movement of creative exhibition and seeks to open the lines of communication between artist, patron and community.

Beyond Art Foundation


The purpose of Beyond Art Foundation is to create accessibility and appreciation for the Arts to the community.

Frank Zapata and David YakobovitchMission

Beyond Art Foundation will offer access to resources and support, create opportunities for experimentation, innovation and encourage the    exchange of ideas across cultures and artistic disciplines. We also foster cross-cultural and cross-disciplinary practices that reflect the dynamism and diversity of culture and art. We want to give our practitioners a focus and environment to show their work in and to exchange ideas and information with their peers and provide them with an opportunity and venue for their work to be shown to the public.

Company Overview

Our Goal is to develop and establish an institution which relates and is sensitive to the needs of the wider community. BAF wants to connect our community’s artists and arts patrons, support emerging and established artists alike also work with our local schools, hospitals, community centers, and community organizations.


Activities are organized within the broad framework provided by Beyond Art Foundation which in return consist of off-site exhibitions with development programs, and community driven projects.
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Acting Members:
Frank Zapata
Rosabel Quevedo
Kelmy Cabritta
Marisol Gonzalez
Aimee Ortega
Javier Garcia
David Yakobovitch
Rosy Pitella
Floyd Heglisch
Kelly Barter
Kareem David
Piper Juan
Carlos Munoz
Sugeily Patxot
Krizia Guerra
Trudy Miquelerena
Michael Hufnagel
Nadia Perez
Victoria Nodarse
Fabian Moncado
Yeni Dominguez
General Information

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