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Dilapidated Building Aesthetics In Realism with Andrew Ringler

By Jeffrey Bustos

Yellow scarf. She stands there, in a black coat contrasting a yellow scarf, on the ceiling tiles collaging the floor. Her pale face contemplates the abandoned room. Black walls lighted by windows. Abandoned: an open door lighting different stories of the girl in the yellow scarf. Ceiling Tiles on Floor (oil on canvas, 30×40) by Andrew Ringler.

Andrew Ringler with his Doberman Collection at RockBar

Andrew Ringler was born in South Cleveland, Ohio. Dilapidated, abandoned buildings enveloped him growing up, sewed into his imagination, brushed into a canvas. He was painting from a young age, his mother being an artist. “She did pet portraits, which I now realize might have resonated in my previous collection of Doberman paintings.”

His Current Collection at the HANGAR gallery

In addition growing up his grandfather would drive him through the woods in a Volkswagen van. Andrew Ringler never studied art directly although he made sure to take art classes growing up. Having studied Spanish and French in college he had his art professor create classes for him after he had taken all possible electives in art.

Andrew Ringler tries to create a narrative within his art, sometimes having various pieces tell a story. His main inspiration is urban architecture and broken down buildings: “I think it’s awesome”. We can thank growing up in Detroit for that. He begins his paintings by blocking what he is going to draw with a pencil; setting it up architecturally. Following by glare of brown, black, white, brown, or yellow. He then adds contrast to the painting: “It adds to the drama.” He prefers using large canvases.

Andrew Ringler is an upcoming artist, inspired by Edward Hopper, whose realist paintings narrate a buildings collapsing story. He uses all sorts of mediums for inspiration from photographs to childhood memories. In the future he wants to do an outdoor show in which his work is hung from trees. Currently his work can be found in The HANGAR gallery and Red Bar Gallery. Make sure to look out for him during Art Basel, which he is currently preparing for.

Also make sure to check out Andrew Ringlers Video Interview with the HANGAR.

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