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The HANGAR’s very own King: Elvis Suarez’s photos show his love for music

By Jeffrey Bustos

Elvis Suarez has mastered weaving his love for music with his passion for photography as an entrepreneur and artist. His influences vary from Annie Leibovitz, to Robert Richardson, to The Wutang. Let’s not forget the Walrus or the Dark Side of the Moon. So how did it all begin?

Let’s rewind to 2004, to an Elvis Suarez that was studying sound engineering. He was vacationing in San Francisco with his girlfriend who he had just bought a film camera. During his trip, he felt his future in photography calling, “I was taking pictures of everything, I loved it. When I got back I enrolled in photography classes.”

He started experimenting with lighting and photography in a studio setting. The puzzle pieces started coming together –his childhood friend Randy Valdes had just graduated from Full Sail in Film and they decided to start GlassWorks MultiMedia.

Elvis Suarez has stayed close to his love for music, having GlassWorks MultiMedia interact with local musicians. Recently, they worked with a local salsa band at their studio, which inspired his current work at THE HANGAR.

His photographs of his band’s old and new instruments resonate with sound. “Pay close attention to the instruments,” he says, pointing at the ones in focus and then to the ones blurred in the background, all telling a story.

The photograph of the drum has scratches inscribing the story of its use and life as an instrument. The photographs are printed in high-quality museum paper, giving it a skin-like texture.

GlassWorks MultiMedia started doing commercials with models and filming local musicians. What their clients appreciate most is how every shot as a production in itself, encompassing timing, wardrobe, application, lighting, and lenses individually. Their photography services are versatile including Lifestyle, Personal Portraits, Product Promotion and Interior Design. In addition they offer an extensive Productions Service which curtails to everything you might need from Corporate Events to Fashion Events, and yes they DO live events.

Elvis Suarez plans to push the limits with music and photography, hinting at video presentations of photos where they change in relation to the music.

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