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Bang Bang, You’re Dead! “Love Kills” by Melissa Goldman at THE HANGAR

By Jeffrey Bustos

Meet Melissa Goldman. She might just be the new Dexter, except with killer red boots. Her art is witty, vintage, aggressive, and fuck it –she might just kill you. So you best stop cheating and put down the toilet seat, because she reads Tim Dorsey novels; Serge Storms is her idol. That means she won’t just kill you, Melissa’s revolver is loaded with Arsenic Trioxide, Calcium Hydroxide, and Oleander. “Art is just inside me,” she explains (along with being a badass).

Growing up she read Love and Rockets, was inspired by movie posters from her dads work in movie theaters, and started her career as an artist doing graffiti in the streets of DC. “Graffiti was what first started my style as an artist,” which is still apparent in her work today.

As an artist she is always armed with pad of paper. Sticky notes are framed around her home. “I get inspiration from everything, from a cereal box to graffiti that I see while driving.”

Additionally, different aspects have influenced her art, one of them being her trip to India. Her eyes widen with excitement as she talks about the colors, smells and the saffron silk robes the monks wore. Saffron: her favorite color. Her other influences include Matisse, Picasso, and Rothko.

“Love Kills” is the title of Melissa Goldman’s newest collection, which is pop art knifed up with imagery from vintage detective novels. Peeling paper edges and saffron are apparent in her pieces along, with her piercing tongue and cheeky remarks. The collection is organized in volumes reminiscent of the graphic detective novels she read when she was younger. They deal with issues from her divorce, combined with her fascination with murder, “I incorporate my anger in my art.”

Despite her deadly demeanor, Melissa is battling cancer. To which she responds, “It is what is, it gives me more drive to work.” She has a strong character and continues her work. She has the support of her father and 8-year-old son who is also an artist. He also takes after his mom’s talent and cleverness. “Mommy, scars tell stories and make you special,” he reminds her.

Five years ago she had her first show at Undergrounds Coffeehaus in Fort Lauderdale for charity to Art/Heart. Since then she has worked closely with charities, doing a show to raise money for “Art On the Edge” with Ian Cavin. She’s had a show in London, at the Bricklane Gallery. While she was there, she exploited the opportunity and hunted down Banksy’s work in the streets of London. Melissa still does shows at the Undergrounds Coffeehause, although THE HANGAR is the official home to her “Love Kills” collection.

Come see “Love Kills” THE HANGAR, open Monday through Friday from 12-5pm!

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2 comments on “Bang Bang, You’re Dead! “Love Kills” by Melissa Goldman at THE HANGAR

  1. Uzoma
    October 17, 2012

    Wow! Such an interesting perspective when it has to do with arts. I am happy for you and wish you the best.

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