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Manuel Mazzanti shares his history, photography and love of tennis

The HANGAR caught up with one of our favorite exhibiting members, Argentinian photographer, to talk about his work in the gallery, tennis, and why he prefers digital photography over analog film.

Dominic Deluque  – The HANGAR (TH): Tell us a little about the exhibition you have at The HANGAR.

Manuel Mazzanti: I have a good variety of some of my work. I don’t want to get structured or defined by a specific niche or a specific category of photography. My passion for photography goes more into the details. A simple scene in a living room to a magnificent view of a sunset. Sharing for me is really critical. I am obsessed with details in my compositions, trying to see how I can improve and perfect them so I can find a better way to express my feelings at the moment I took the picture, what was the feeling? The vibe? Here at The HANGAR I have a collection from landscape to pieces I took from recent travels. Even the moon is always present. I have several pieces of the moon in my work, one of them are here.  Then I also have two pieces that can be considered sexy/erotic that I also started to explore a while ago. I think that I really like it. Sharing a moment of intimacy that you could be thinking in your dreams or desire that you have. These images can express that in a way… it can open a window to you like…oh that’s what I was imagining. I don’t do nudes, but I like the teasing erotic part of the…. sexy pieces I have.

TH: Can you tell us a little more of why you chose photography as your medium as an artist?

MM: I started with photography 30 years ago. I am a tennis fan, I always play tennis…there was this Davis cup semi-final between Argentina and I think it was England. My father gave me a reflex camera, very old. I was fascinated by this apparatus and he gave me some instructions; this is the speed, this is the aperture. The film is like 200 ISO, so played with it. I was like “Oh my God!” I was like shooting and shooting like crazy and when we finally developed them, they came out pretty well. I think that was my first engagement with photography. I never stopped then, I always carried my camera and I think I was always trying to learn and improve my technique. I don’t think there’s any other way. Of course with art you can express other stuff with unlimited forms of art. In my case photography realistically shows what’s going on with a specific scene. I think it’s a fascinating medium to tell stories. That’s the main idea of every one of my photographs.

TH: Do you shoot digital or film?

MM: No, I shoot all in digital, the advantages that digital gives you are really unlimited. You can do a lot of stuff. I also indulge myself pretty much in the processing program. So I really like toeven though I love my picturesadjust maybe a little bit of composition …a little bit of sharpness and other stuff but I also enjoy very much the time I take selecting the picture and deciding which one of hundreds of pictures really expresses what you want to say. The feeling in that moment, that’s why I choose photography. I think in my case it the most fascinating medium to express my idea.

TH: Last, but not least; why do you love The HANGAR?

MM: I love The Hangar because not only is it a great place for showing your art, but also the people that run the gallery are also motivated. They became your partners in terms of telling you or giving you ideas on what you should do or next projects. That’s also important in a gallery. Not only having the walls for showing, allowing you to show your art but also giving you advice and exchanging ideas. Arguing, and sharing… different things that you can do. I think the guys at The HANGAR are really specialized in that. I think that they are my partners and I feel comfortable in that. Every time I come here they tell me, hey why don’t you do that, oh we have an idea …That is important to me, to have people I can rely on.

Manuel Mezzanti’s breathtaking landscape and portrait photos can be seen at The HANGAR throughout fall. The HANGAR is open Monday through Friday 12-5p.m.

This interview was originally posted by Dominic DeLuque here on July 26 2012.

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