The HANGAR | Gallery & Arts Initiative

Welcome to the official blog and media hub for The HANGAR | Gallery & Arts Initiative. Located in the Wynwood Arts District, The Hangar is dedicated to the collective movement of creative exhibition and seeks to open the lines of communication between artist, patron and community.

ART WALK // Saturday April 14th 7-10pm [FETISH]

2235 NW 2nd Ave | Wynwood | 305.571.0970 |


THE HANGAR | Arts Initiative is pleased to announce our latest exhibition:


An exploration of sexual “isms”


April 14th 7-10pm

“Sexual fetishism, or erotic fetishism, is the sexual arousal a person receives from a physical object, or from a specific situation”#.  Our current installation will feature a multisensory experience created to investigate the relationship between object and viewer as it relates to sexual iconography.

Featuring Artists:

305 Airborne Division, Ernesto Barreto, Coco, Daze, Jose Garcia, Marissa Gould, Phillip Graybill, Ginger 2 Tone, Don Hall, Wendy Hall, Kelly, Allison Kotzig, Eric Madrid, Melissa McCabe, Carolina Mishaan, Ivana Salander, Pinhead, Kareem Piper & Agustin Vergara

THE HANGAR | Arts Initiative

Hosting group exhibitions, events & workshops for artists of all disciplines. Dedicated to the collective movement of creative exhibition, we seek to break down the gallery walls and open the lines of communication between artist, patron & community.

Group Show:

Sasha Akimov, Kem Bessemer, Danielle Bustillo, Kelly Barter, Xibie Corea,

Jorge Heilpern, Janine Jackson, Charles Leano, Teri Levine, Griselda Lechini,

Christine Llorente, Sandy Maranesi, Gina Martynova, Manuel Mazzanti, Krystle Pizutti,

Burne Richardson, Daniel Rodriguez & Jorge-Miguel Rodriguez

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